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Flexible Polyurethane


Flexible polyurethane is probably the most well-known foam available. It is used extensively in the bedding and furniture industries, carpet underlay, sound proofing and packaging. There are countless different grades available to suit just about any application. We source our foam from a number of suppliers both locally and internationally giving us the largest range of foams to choose from in Perth.
PE & EVA Foams


Polyethylene (PE) and EVA is a closed cell cross linked foam available in a number of different grades. We are sure to have the product you require, whether it is for boat building, construction or expansion joints. With its resistance to chemicals, fuels and oils, there is an endless list that PE and EVA is suitable for. Available in a range of sheet sizes thickness and we also shape to requirements.


EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) main application is insulation for wall and ceiling panels and used in construction for block outs in the building industry, buoyancy and floatation, pipe insulation to lettering for advertising. The uses for Polystyrene are endless.