Expanded Polystyrene is a lightweight closed celled foam that comes in a range of hardness and densities. Polystyrene or (EPS) is manufactured in a mould to create a large block ranging from 2400x1200x600 up to 3600 long from which we are able to cut sheets, blocks and shape from our advanced cutting equipment.

EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) main application is insulation for wall and ceiling panels and used in construction for block outs in the building industry, buoyancy and floatation, pipe insulation to lettering for advertising. The uses for Polystyrene are endless.

Polystyrene sheets

Polystyrene sheets

Polystyrene sheets can be cut to any thickness you require and is used extensively in the construction industry because of its relatively inexpensive quality. There are several different grades available to suit any application you could think of.

Polystyrene letter cutting


Polystyrene is lightweight and easy to handle making it the perfect material for lettering, sign, banners, logos and numbers. We can custom cut just about any shape or size. It can be made for a once off special event or for regular use such as party hire events.

Formwork and blockouts

Block outs & Form work

Polystyrene block outs used for concrete and form work can be custom cut to any shape or size suitable for your job requirements.

Computer shape cutting

Computerised Shape Cutting

Custom cutting of just about any shape or size, limited almost only to your imagination!