Flexible polyurethane is probably the most well-known foam available. It is used extensively in the bedding and furniture industries, carpet underlay, sound proofing and packaging. There are countless different grades available to suit just about any application. We source our foam from a number of suppliers both locally and internationally giving us the largest range of foams to choose from in Perth.

Enduro foams

Enduro Foam

Enduro Foam is a product created by Dunlop Foams with the highest flame retardant properties and is a highly specialised foam used in commercial applications, including bedding, furniture and countless more. Enduro exceeds safety standards and is flame retardant to Australian Standard AS/NZS3744.3/Source 2 or British Standard BS5852/Source 5. Enduro is treated with Ultrafresh antimicrobial which improves hygiene and product longevity and prevents microbe growth which causes odor.

Pantera premium foams

Pantera premium foams

Exclusive to Specialty Foams, Pantera Ultra high density seat cushion foam comes in a range of hardness for high quality seating and mattresses.



This is a foam that has memory foam benefits combined with the functionality of high resilience foam. Supportive of your body shape yet able to dissipate heat through the mattress. Hygroflex has the pressure relieving properties of memory foam, without the heat. It is extremely open and feels cool to touch, and will stay quite cool while sleeping, helping to regulate the microclimate of the mattress.

Gel & Memory Foams

Gel & Memory Foams

Memory foam is made from a material called viscoelastic. It is both highly energy absorbent and soft. The spongy feel of memory foam strikes a great balance between being soft and firm. Memory foam moulds to the body in response to heat and pressure, evenly distributing body weight. It then returns to its original shape once you remove pressure. In addition to protecting against impact, these properties make memory foam very comfortable.

Gel foam offers all of the same benefits of memory foam and also allows heat to escape which is why it is quite commonly used in mattresses.

Confer foams

Confor foams

Confor is a slow recovery foam which offers a unique combination of physical characteristics, high energy absorption properties and temperature softening behaviour. They are suitable for highly diverse applications from shock absorption in Aircraft seating to padding and cushioning in medical devices.

Reticulated outdoor foam

Outdoor foams

Outdoor reticulated foam with Nano Silver base anti-bacterial & anti Fungal ideal for boating and outdoor cushions. Cut to size Covering service available in our fabric or yours.

Backing Rod foam

Open Cell Backing Rod

Backing rod is manufactured from open cell flexible polyurethane foam. Used extensively in the building industry especially with concrete tilt up panel construction. Our backing rod is open cell which improves the cure rate of the sealant, easy to apply, odourless, highly compressible and flexible.

Our standard sizes are:
10mm x 210m, 16mm x 150m, 22mm x 100m, 29mm x 60m, 38mm x 30m, 50mm x 20m.

We can cut any other sizes on request.

We make the backing rod here on site and we are always looking for distributors.

Reticulated Ester foam

Reticulated Ester foam

Reticulated Ester foam is a flexible open cell foam commonly used for speakers or applications requiring a high resistance to fuels, oils and chemicals. Also used extensively in the medical industry because of its own unique qualities that can provide better performance in some applications.

Boat and Caravan cushions

Boat & Caravan Cushions

We can custom make any size or shape boat or caravan cushion in foam or latex with a choice of fabric supplied by us or your own fabric and we will cover the cushions for you. Bring your designs or templates to us for a free measure and quote from our large range of foams available.

Tru-Blue Backing foam

Tru-Blu Backing Foam

Tru-Blu upholstery foam for Automotive used wholesale and sold by the metre of the roll 9mm thick with fabric backing.

Tru-Blu overlay foam is available on the roll, sizes:
1830x6mm x 25 metres
1830x9mm x 25 metres

Filter foams

Filter Foams

Reticulated foams are used for water filtration, from large Biological sewerage treatment plants to small fish pond, biological filters and pre filters for pond pumps. We stock a number of grades in different cell size to suit your application which we can cut to size.

Foam for sound dampening


Acoustic shapes ideal for sound rooms or just when you need to reduce noise from machines cut to any shape required.